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Inspired Market Research is here to help you boost your business with detailed information about your products, services, employees and customers.

To help you find the answers to pressing questions about your company, products or services, Inspired Market Research offers a suite of market research methodologies appropriate to a range of problems whilst respecting your budget.

At the core we provide our own fieldwork facilities including telephone (cati), face to face and online techniques which can be purchased standalone for you to undertake your own analysis or alternatively, we  offer a graduated range of analysis tools from data processing & computer tabulations through mini reports & charting to full reporting & consultancy.

The information we provide will put you in the best position to make decisions about how your business develops, enabling you to grow, expand and improve results.

To find out more about tailored market research solutions for your business, contact Inspired Market Research today.

Bespoke Research Solutions

Experience shows that the most successful projects are the ones where the client and agency work hand in hand, and at Inspired Market Research we firmly believe in working with you. It helps clarify objectives and gives us the opportunity to fully integrate our research experience into your project.

Each project is considered in terms of its objectives and required outcomes, and a methodology is developed with you in order to meet your requirements as effectively as possible. Inspired Market Research always devote particular attention to understanding the underlying demands of your brief in order to give you the answers you really need.

Inspired Market Research services are tailored to your needs, and our range of services include Field Only, Field & Tab, Field & Tab Plus or Consultancy.


Field Only

Telephone / CATI
Face 2 Face - PAPI
Face 2 Face - CAPI
Online / Web


Field & Tab

Data Processing
Computer Tabulations


Field & Tab Plus

Mini Reports
Tracking Charts



Independent thinking