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Product Development Insight

We are passionate about understanding what truly motivates customers and our researchers are highly skilled at teasing out unmet needs and revealing the hidden feelings that customers can’t quite express. We ultimately want to help you improve your product or service by delivering impactful insights throughout the development cycle.

  • Product Clinics

  • In-Home Concept Tests

  • Co-Creation Sessions


Customer Experience Measurement & Tracking

We help build your understanding of customer experience; identifying success factors as well as opportunities for improvement.



  • NPS & Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Closed Loop Calls / Resolution Surveys

  • Live Event Surveys

  • Shopper Interviews

  • Focus Groups & Interviews



Brand & Communications Insights

We provide insights to support your brand’s development, as well as being able to test the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, specific communications and sponsorships/partnerships.

  • Brand Awareness & Consideration Tracking

  • Sentiment and Imagery Analysis

  • Ad Testing

  • Brand Redesign Testing


Employee Experience Measurement & Tracking

We enable you to get to the very heart of employees’ feelings about your business and provide tailored recommendations to drive change. Our bespoke service provides you with flexibility as the needs of your organisation change.


  • Employee Satisfaction & Sentiment Surveys

  • Employee Focus Groups & Interviews

  • Employee Exit Surveys

  • COVID-19 Sentiment Tracking

  • Working From Home Attitudes & Behaviours


Fieldwork & Tabulation Service

We work with manufacturers, service companies and other research institutes from the UK and around the world to provide quality fieldwork and a data provision service that can be trusted.


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